A writter is never out of ideas, takes a little more effort just to recognise them

Its my second post on wordpress and am worried on what its going to be about. I cant say i lack an idea to write on and neither can I say I know what to write on. the fact is that i have plenty of ideas selecting one to feature on is the problem.

I try to fiddle with my gadgets (phone,books and laptop ) but can’t seem to find the idea. i end up in a writer’s dilemma and here is where this idea pops up, where does a writter source from the ideas on which he writes on? is there a situation where he runs out of ideas to write on?

this also drifts my mind back to when we were writing our school project. In a group of six scholars we had a real problem in choosing our project idea (infact many scholars do have a difficult time too) we had no choice but find one any that we could land on in the web, you know google never runs out of ideas!

As an un-established writer,one may have challennges in sourcing out ideas, but i can tell him one thing; a writer is never out of ideas.They are all around him. It only needs a little more offorts to be willing to look into the ordinary to discover something unique to write about. Am glad writing is like a fountain of ideas that never runs dry.


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