Diary of a kenyan job seeker

The start.


Let me check up on what is on my schedule for today. Well have nothing in plan so I better think up fast before everything becomes one hell of a bore. This is when it hits me hard. when I remember what I left home for. To find myself, to chase my so called destiny. To follow my dreams. Am I still doing what I thought I was to come do when I am alone?
After I completed college I went back home just like everyone else does. The unfortunate thing is that life back home din’t turn out as I had expected it to be. But neither is it where I am right now. There is no place that life is much better than where you are currently. So I set to go out and search. Search for what my heart so much desires. Search for my calling for the so much longed for future. Little do I know that its already here, just need the right mindset, people, skills and attitude to figure it all out.
I wonder why life had to become an enigma. Looks quite simple but complicated to understand. Whenever I start thinking about life I find myself thinking of becoming a philosopher. Wanting to understand everything about life made , me love the book of Ecclesiastes by the philosopher, none other than the wise king Solomon.
What normally amazes me is that he came to the same conclusion that I too have made. Life is meaningless. ‘Its all vanity’ just like he quotes it in his book of life observance. Being the wisest man ever lived, I perceive he had all the reasons in his reach to conclude it just like he did
My quote today was my own. “I have a job, I work its only that I don’t get to walk to the bank at end month to collect my pay” a tribute to my brothers and sisters who hustle. The jobseekers, we can’t really call them jobless because they work, man, they look for jobs and there is never a difficult job as job searching.
I left home in search for something to help put food on my plate. To look for money to get me out of home. I appreciate the effort my parents put by seeing me through school and so I felt its time I lessened their burden and got out to search for what I can.
So, just like any other graduate, my number one option was to go out, walk past each and every office meekly ask for employment. And the adventure started. And here, I opened my diary of a job seeker.
Everyone always has a first time for everything. Unlike other things, everyone’s firsts look alike. This is because we all wake up happy, motivated and feeling well prepared for whatever that comes on our way.
So was my first day as a job seeker. Woke up in the morning edited my cv. Made a list of companies I planned to visit. Stood infront of my mirror for practice of my infamous job seeking speech. Made sure that all the necessary documents were well arranged in my parcel.
Lucky enough for my, my job seeking attire was well washed and ironed the day before. Shoes well polished and all was set perfect. Thanks to my good organization skills.
I was nervous enough but made several prayers to the big Guy and after breakfast, was good to go.
Its about nine thirty on my wrist watch and I think it’s the appropriate time to start job searching since its quite inappropriate to open company gates with nothing but a quest for a job. Even lady luck won’t be with you, she is not yet woken up at eight. So I think nine thirty ain’t bad.
I walk to my first company. Only the gate man is available. One look at me, he seemingly reads my mind and immediately tells me there are no jobs available. I inwardly curse him and throw tantrums. Lucky for me, its my first day so positivity is at its peak. I assume and move on to my next company.
My next host is a little bit friendly. It seems like a new company. New in the area and presumably new in existence so I hope I could take my chances with it. I was later to learn that its been in existence for quite some time now but it doesn’t matter. Or does history matter anyway? I only want a job!!
Am not lucky though, the one nice receptionist informs me that there are no jobs at offer right now but is good if I did drop my cv and application letter just incase the vacancies become available, I could be notified. I gladly ask for their address promising to drop by later only to never pass by there again.
Its already noon. The sun is blazing hot. The road is dusty so am already sneezing so I pray. “lord let down pour some rain” amazingly, I barely walk for thirty good minutes before I feel the sun disappear into the clouds and shortly after, its starts to drizzle. I feel it’s a good omen. My one prayer has been answered today. It’s a miracle. I gladly hope so as I jump on a boda boda an d head home. Lord knows I was starving though I was on diet, I hoped on getting a nice meal to reward myself for being able to start my job seeking course.
I hope I get lucky sooner and get a job. I can’t live off my loving parents for long lord knows I should lessen their burden since am all grown up now.
It’s the first day on my diary over. At four, Am all done tarmacking. Tonight, I will sleep a smiling person because well, I dint find a job but atleast I started my first day as a jobseeker.
I had a job, so I kind of worked though I dint get paid enough for tarmacking and not finding a job.
Watch out for day 2 on my job seeker’s diary.


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