Whats love? Does it come with a happy ever after to complete the package?

Love is something that we all look for. Only that quite a few are fortunate enough to find it. Its something that you may live with in a lifetime but may not be able to notice it till later in life when you least expect. Or lady luck may decide upon visiting you at dawn as you wake up and you wake up only to find love smiling at you. One thing I have come to know about love, it comes at its own time, uninvited and unexpected and you can do nothing about it.
When I was a little girl, there was one thing that I wanted soo much. Something that I spent lots of hours fantasizing about. Thanks to people not being able to read whats running in and around someone’s mind. I don’t know how it came about but all I know it just happened. I just happened to be fantasizing about one day falling in love with this amazing man in my life. With him working hard to keep a smile on my face and I his and getting that amazing happy ever after.
I dreamt of making another non-tragic version of Romeo and Juliet that would beat Shakespeare’s. Positivity is a virtue that I promised to keep so don’t ask me if I still dream of being a Juliet. Only know am still looking for my Romeo.
Its every woman’s dream to have a husband some day or a lifelong partner with whom to get old with. Atleast every woman secretly wishes she could have a wedding but only the fortunate few make it. Am happy for them both. But how does one really know that this is the one?
One male friend of mine used to tell me that marriage does not necessarily need love to be successful. Is it true really? If its so, then whats the need of falling in love if not to marry and possibly enjoy the happy ever after?
I think it makes no sense to stay your whole life stuck with someone whom you don’t even like. Not in this century. In the old days people could and that is because people had a different outlook towards marriage. Then, women and children were regarded as a man’s property and men married in order to bear children and also find manpower for his field. The larger the number of wives and children a man had the richer he was. And it worked then.
However, in some instances, some people married out of love and had the happy ever after. And even so, only a man’s first wife was selectively chosen by his parents whereas his others were chosen by him. Possibly they were the women he liked.
But whats love? I hear it’s a feeling. I don’t know, I never had ‘the’ feeling so maybe I never had love. I also hear it’s a kind of attitude towards some people. I assume its true because you don’t behave same to all people.
One of my friends gave me two answers of which I call ridiculous. he said that one, love is the opposite of hate and two, it’s a much more development of like. He explained it that its two way. You either love or hate and you only fall in love with someone or something after you think you like the something. That what pleases the eyes, slowly starts dominating in your mind and later gains control of the heart.
The heart won’t speak for itself but through other senses, it can display the affection it has towards someone or something. Falling in love is inevitable and it never has any type of timing so you can never plan for it.
Its something that takes over you and makes you to have the other person’s best interest at heart.as much as you may deny its, love is undeniable. Its that something that makes you want to spend every single micro second of your time with the other person. It doesn’t choose or discriminate. You only pray that God when love comes, let it come with the someone that I have lived dreaming for. Sometimes God does answer our prayers. Sometimes He doesn’t. With reasons well to Him anyway.
So much can be said about love but you may never know what it really is until you experience it and am told that once it comes, you will immediately know that this is love that has come knocking and it will be your choice to open up the door and let it come in or close down at its face. Allowing love to be part of your life is a matter of choice so never let love go. Welcome it in for you get it only once in a lifetime so enjoy the time while it lasts. Who knows about tomorrow?
We may have love but may not have the happy ever after. Its never a guarantee since not all love tales lead to marriage and not all love stories are fairly tales. Everyone has his own story. And when it comes to marriage, it would be better to have someone whom you love married to you and get old with you. Anyway whats the sense of falling in love if not for the happy ever after?


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