Men and their and their hidden agendas

Diary of a Kenyan job seeker.

Day 2

The glass doors I was looking at screamed a formal aura. I was afraid of opening them given where I come from, we only have timber-made doors and those fortunate enough had iron doors .before this one , I only saw glass doors in movies so seeing one today was like a dream come true imagining then that not all things in movies are imaginary.

The doors had a ‘push’ sign written on them. So I gently pushed avoiding any possible accident because well for one, am broke for now and I can’t imagine the cost of the glass if anything happens to it while am pushing .Two, I can’t afford a lawyer incase am sued and God knows I hardly have enough money to help me move into a new apartment of my own, therefore, I had to hold my phone and pretend I was busy texting and making nonexistent calls as I didn’t know what to do after I get past the doors, I imagined the office would be like Christian Grey’s with secretaries to give me direction only to realize I was only a job seeker with no appointment!

The next few minutes I felt like I was on my way to heaven, even if it exists only in my dreams. With glass doors and walls, expensively tiled floors and formally dressed people busy moving around the building. Then, reality hit me back to the world, I was here on a mission, job seeking , so I told myself to get over my illusion and do whatever I came here for.

“Hello madam, how can I help you? “ Asked a slim lady seated at the reception desk.

“Huh, well i….. I came here to ask whe…whether there are any open vacancies in your company. “I stammered.

“Open vacancies for a job err?” she clarified and I nodded in answer.

“Well, we currently have none but you can drop your CV and application letter so in case there is any vacancy we can notify you” she answered politely.

“Ok thanks ma’am. will you please give me your address?” I asked handing her my diary and she scribbled down the address and handed it back to me.

“Thanks again ma’am” I thanked her and as I got out I caught a glimpse man seated behind a computer staring at me so much that I nearly fell.

“Men,” I chuckled under my breath, with a smile as I got out and thanked the gateman and went my way yet to another company building for my job searching venture.

I was happy that for once I found a nice receptionist at the front desk. most ladies ant the front desk that I had encountered were bitches. Moody but this one seemed nice. I promised myself to apply and drop by my CV.

Hardly had I walked a block away only to realize a car following me. I stood at a kiosk and let it pass me, looking In the car in the process and saw the man from the office looking up at me with suggestive eyes. I had to pretend to buy airtime at the kiosk and immediately changed my route. Man you should be quick enough to run away from temptation as you see it coming.

Having someone’s wife on my ass for snatching her husband is the last thing I want. Being a job seeker is enough on my Plata right now.

My next office building was not far from my previous I walked to the gate. My speech ready in my mind. Lucky enough I found a gentle man. You know, men are easier to talk to as compared to women.

I guessed I should try my luck with him too. One thing my one day experience as a job searcher taught me, I should take my chances. I have nothing but a possible job to loose anyway.

“Habari ya leo afande” I said trying to catch his attention. Afande meaning askari. He is a trained security officer in a uniform hence a little askari would be enough to make him smile. A smile from me too would make his attention undivided. Being a job seeker makes a girl realize she has many unutilized convincing powers.

“poa sana mrembo, na walahi si uko smart.” I smiled at the compliment. These men know how to make a woman feel good. We love compliments. Bring them on even if they are false.

“Nimekuja kutafuta kazi. Ninaweza pata? Ama kuna nafasi hazijajazwa?”

“Yea ziko mrembo. Unataka kazi gani? Hapa nyingi si za warembo kama nyinyi. Ni za majamaa wakubwa wewe ukikuja utaaribu mwili na ukose soko.” This guy was funny indeed but decided to play his game anyway.

“Natafuta job ya accountant ama sales. Nnaeza pata ?” I replied

“Tuko na accountant mmoja na ametosha. Lakini kwa sales nikidhani kazi iko but mdosi hayuko.” Man I had just smiled but the ‘but’ in his words snapped out my smile.

‘Ghai mdosi ameenda wapi and ntampata when?”

“Mdosi anakuwanga busy lakini utaniachia namba yako akikam ntakusho amerudi uongee nayeye. “ He said handing me his mobile phone. There seemed to be some hope here. So I gave him my number and called my cell phone to get his.

However, one more thing came on my mind. I called him back.

“Accountant hahitaji msaidizi?” I inquired.

“Hapana unajua mdosi ni chinnesse na hawa watu wanapenda vile staff hudo jobs zao. Ata yeye hana msaidizi. Ni wife tu.” He confirmed chuckling.

“Ooh,” was all I managed to say.

“Ok sawa. Nangoja unipigie simu buda” I told him as I went away.

I was starving and my stomach was grumbling. There was much space that needed filling so I decided that my day today was done and headed home. The only place I could stay dirty and still feel comfortable!!


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