Today in my mind

Being gay or straight is not a matter of choice so give homosexuals a break!

Sexuality is something that has been in existence since our creation. Its something that we were given without choice. We din’t choose to be male of female so who are we to question why we were created the way we are?

I understand the fact that sex talk is like a closely guarded secret that people rarely want to talk about in public. Am told it is a gift and despite the pretense behind us we know its a basic need as one of my highschoool teachers once told us in class. I say nothing more or nothing less to his statement that it’s a basic need because its true.

Our sexuality makes us human. All men need love and by men it means mean both man and woman.

There has never been much of a problem on sexuality. Problems rose when people become aware of the terms homosexuality and heterosexuality. Homosexuals as according to the oxford dictionary is a person attracted to a person of the same sex while hetero sexual is a person who is sexually attracted to a different sex. Besides, there are bisexuals who are attracted to both genders. There are also asexuals who lack attraction to anyone.

Among those different types of people, is there a guilty party? Do they choose to be who they are and are we the ones to judge what someone is?

I think a person’s sexuality makes him flawless. Its something that is inborn. Natural that one can’t resist even if he chooses to.

Why do I say its not a matter of choice? Here is the case. I had this male friend of mine whom knew he was gay since childhood because he was never attracted girls. He acknowledged the fact he felt attracted to men but chose to stay in denial that he was not gay. He even attempted suicide twice after he found out he was really gay but chose to give up suicide after he accepted that was nature. How he was created.

There has been much talk about homosexuality. We can’t ignore it because its existent and denying it doesn’t exist would mean nothing. And as always, everyone has an opinion about it. I wonder why it has to be a matter of public speculation.

I remember recently when the president allowed the gay and lesbian community to have their own human rights association and also some few years back in our neighboring country Uganda when it was given a trade sanction by the US for president Museveni refusing to allow homosexuality in Uganda.

Its quite unfortunate that as by speculation, the same case may befall us as Kenyans. Well due to the awaited visit by President Obama and now allowing homosexuality or not is among the most spoken about topic.

Allowing homosexuality won’t change much as its there already. It will only be making people aware of something that already exists.

The main argument put across by anti-homosexuals is the fact that its against the African culture. I never new any African culture that publicly spoke about sexuality. So if its because of the African tradition, shut up already because it says little to nothing on homosexuality.

I have seen and heard of cases where people are disowned or thrown out of their homes for being homosexuals which I don’t think is right. People have rights so throwing them out of home or disowning them based on sexuality is not fair at all. We shouldn’t do that. We should however remember that we are all human and need love. Does it matter where we get it from be it male or female? No. so lets stop judging them. Let God, the creator be the one to judge. He is the source of our existence.

We were never created same. So lets give homosexuals a break. They didn’t choose to be whom they are, how they are. That’s how they were meant to be. we didn’t create them anyway so we should not condemn who they are for we are not God with whom the authority to judge rests.



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