Jobless but with hope

When all things seem to have been lost, there is one thing that often remains. Keeps us intact and that’s hope. For we lose everything when we lose hope.

When someone has reached that state of hopelessness, he or she becomes desperate and sees no other way out rather than give up. And when you reach the extent where you give up and decide to throw away all that you have worked hard for, then you are ready to give up everything and all that you should be having. To be precise, simply lost all.

As a jobseeker I learnt something. Never lose hope. Hope is what keeps me together. Wakes me up in the morning when I don’t know what to do and despite having no plan or schedule, I know my day is going to be okay.

Every time I knock on a door to an office to make an inquiry, am hopeful that all may go well. Am optimistic that my area of specialization may have open vacancies. If not, am always ready to take any available one because anyway how else am I supposed to find a job in the end if I don’t look for one?

Whenever am told to drop my curriculum vitae at an office or told to email it. Am glad and I smile, because I see a possibility of being contacted at a later date. Although I have to face the impossibility of being contacted, at least I have the satisfaction of trying. Nothing in life comes on a silver Plate at least that’s what I grasped from my twelve year sitting in an English class.

Wherever I find some notice, I go look and hope that I may find something of use to me as a jobseeker. But however, I take care, am aware of conmen so I try not fall victim. I try not be a counterfeit of myself because I know being me is what need as I search for what can help me cater for my bills. So whenever I wait to be contacted and am not, I smile and know my time will come. When am mishandled by some arrogant secretary, I also smile because I know am too strong for intimidation.

So I know one ingredient that I hold so dear to my heart, hope. So when I work smart and hard but my efforts don’t seem to bear fruits, I know things are gone be okay in the end. May be not today, tomorrow, or the day after but my day shall come.

Like the American dream, I harbor my own dream. Yes, I will end up with a job. Let hope steer my success wheel.


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