…. was in my grasp only to lose again

Jobless but nearly landed me a job today.
Unlike other days, today seemed quite eventful since its peak. unlike other days,  I din’t wake up with a start and neither did I wake up worrying about schedule or how am gonna spend my day. It just started, magical, all new day, all new feeling inside.
There was no feeling of uncertainty like I always feel. I felt like a queen, smiling down the aisle. What a very nice day!  “Oh happy day! That fixed my choice!” was the song ringing in my mind all morning.
Today I even did my 30- minute yoga practice since I realized yesterday that I have been gaining some more weight  and wanted to cut it short and while at it, my phone rang.
I picked it up and received the call. It was a new number. So I feigned a voice and talked with some deep male voice only to realize it was my friend Kala calling.
She said had news, and by news to a job seeker like me, winning a lot of money from a gambling competition I dint participate in is the first wish. A job offer with high pay is another and a sponsor with a six figure salary and no wife is the last thing that rings in your mind. We all love free stuff especially when there is money involved.
When she finally broke it up, I felt as lucky as I never been in my life. She said that there was this guy with has five figure salaried jobs to offer but on one condition,
It was like the manna I din’t ask for so despite the excitement, I asked her what and she hesitated answering at first but finally said it.
The guy din’t need a cv or application letter, it would not have any interview scheduled and neither could he disclose the name of his company claiming it a surprise for me to find out but guaranteed that I could get the job if I obeyed the one and only condition.
I din’t know what to do because I needed the job, like I need food  but his condition, I won’t  give in for the conditions were, to give up my bank details, ATM and pin. At that, I cut short the call and thought “I had the very    unknown job on my hands but it slipped away without me taking notice” but reality is there was never a job at all! Only a conman trying to clear my already empty bank account!!


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