What do employers look for?

The diary of a Kenyan jobseeker

I been in the job seeking field for quite a while now and am starting to gain some experience in it. If need be, I may even take the liberty off adding that to add that to my CV and assume it will add some weight and content in the experience and work column.

Whenever I send my CVs to any of the several institutions, I wait for replies but so far I have gotten none. I tried it in all ways; by emailing and trying to make follow ups, dropping them by, personally at some specific institutions but nonetheless, am yet to hear from any of the institutions.

At times I feel like letting go off my jobseacrh, go back upcountry and try my luck in some farming but my conscience won’t let me settle for that because after all I have put much energy into looking for a job and now is not the time to retaliate or else I will look like a godforsaken looser. So I chose to board the positivity train as it passes over the pessimist and go on board to find myself a job.

Right now, am in that situation where I no longer know what to do in order to get that magical call. I hear when shortlisted for a job interview they either call you or you have to find out in some other way. So I have been waiting for that magical call and not gotten it nonetheless. So what should I do to call it to me? Pray? Yes prayer works but am told it needs me to make an effort to make it worthwhile. Or to earn its fruits better, I better look for one although that means send more CVs to more institutions.

So anyway, today I seek to ask, ‘what do employers look for when hiring? Are there specific qualities in people that they look for or is there a specific caliber of individuals that they need or what is it that employers want?

I hear some are in need of papers and well, I got the papers but no job at hand. And wait, what papers are they demanding for? Paper, like I mean layman paper type polythene ones or blank pages on which to write you, “You are now hired?”

While still undergoing my 8-4-4 series I was often told to work hard and obtain good grades for employers do consider grades. And well I was able to acquire some of which I was able to and I hold then daily. Each morning as I leave to go look for a job I look at them and say ‘I have my grades but no job yet’.

I was told that if I want to find more opportunities, I should search the web for available job vacancy listings and also on newspaper pages for more job vacancy adverts. So far I found lots but all require a three to seven year experience. so I try to see the logic, what is the sense of looking for the experience when the jobless fellows like me have none? By experience do they mean working experience which I can only acquire through an internship or attachment? Even so, the two are now proving to be as hard to find just like finding a job.

Lately, it has been like a requirement to bribe in order to land yourself a job. They say that this is Kenya and Kenya is 100 percent corrupt. True to some extent and that’s why I don’t see the need of educating a large population of the financially lot if they are never going to find jobs because in order to get employed you better have some large amount of cash to buy the job. So I think teaching the financially unstable guys is like adding the student loan burden on them on top of the poverty burden that they already have.

If paying to find a job is the norm, well I doubt whether some broke amateurs like me are going to land any jobs any sooner. Or is finding a job a matter of luck? If so, when are jobseekers like me going to be that lucky? For I am still waiting to be lucky when employers come looking.


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