We all want jobs but who is going to create them?

In the many school years I spent in school, I was made to understand that I was studying with the purpose of being able to get a job in the future, and be able to earn money.
Later in life, I realized that the main purpose why I went to school was to earn myself basic money making skills and here is it again, for the money. Money is the main reason why people do what they do. I further went to believe it’s the reason for our existence because as per my understanding, I know that we live to work. And to work not for charity because we need to eat, we need to spend. We also have many expenses that require money hence we work for money to survive.
Being a jobseeker is quite challenging. You are in that situation in which you understand that there are opportunities which are quite scarce. What we do is scramble for the scarce opportunities and hope to be the lucky one to get at least shortlisted for an interview. Those are the moments when I become impregnated with hope, sit by my phone both day and night expectant of the magical call which I never end up getting. This has got me have second thoughts on formal employment.
Am thinking, if what I want is a well-paying job, where is it to come from if all everybody does is sit and wait for someone else to create?
I remember reading in some magazine issue about unemployment in Europe. The issue said that the level of unemployment in the continent is quite high and in relation to the whole world, it displayed that the level of unemployment is still high in the world. The writer went further to write about the fresh graduates graduating every year and about how everyone wants jobs. Which are scarce for the high numbers graduating.
He went further and talked about the size of the private sector saying that if there was a way in which jobs could be created, he said that’s its only by expansion of the private sector. That only by more people getting into entrepreneurship and business and only then, will more jobs be created. For the private sector contributes to about 80% of the world’s economy.
After reading the whole article I felt like can I say challenged or what really, I was like for sure, I want a job but who will create it for me if I don’t want to create one given the few jobs available?


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