It has been a while since the last update of the Kenyan job-seeker but am glad she is back in full force. Mind to say why she had been lost for all this time? Well been regrouping and updating her papers. Can take a while. Plus, the Obama effect. She like every other Kenyan was anxiously waiting for the leader of the free world’s arrival. He was around, that’s no news, but just like he came, so did he leave.

There were myriads of expectations from jobseekers, and actually, that’s when I knew that I was not alone in the game. And since it is not one to be spontaneous and fun, I saw the need to sit back and plan.

Actually, I was having second thoughts about what I can do. Between small business and job-seeking. But there was this big challenge. Money.

Money, the main reason why am looking for a job. Money, the profit I want to earn after I start small business. Money, what I realized I could pay to buy myself a job in Kenya. Money, what makes the world go gaga. But I hear the ‘beast’ guy promised to give some dollars to the developing Africa for the start of small business and some aside, specifically for the youth and women. And I think, that can work, for jobseekers like me.

My last article said that, ‘if we all look for jobs, then who will be there to create?’ . And a friend came to me asking how the jobs can be created and I had this simple answer for her, by more people getting into business.

Someone told me to be the change that I want in the world. And for jobseekers like me, we can change the situation and make it like we want it. With many jobs so that our children may not face the same problem we had while looking for jobs.

Remember this, always have plan B so that incase one fails, you can get up by the other. After telling her about getting into business, she then challenged me and told me that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But this is what I told her. There is a big difference between an entrepreneur and business person. An entrepreneur basically comes up with a unique idea and develops it to create an income from it by creating something new while a business person buys and sells things to earn a profit. So if you can’t come up with a new idea, given some cash, can start buying and selling things at a profit!

She challenged and asked about the money and I had much more to say. For where there is a will, there is always a way. Only takes the right eye opener to see the way.

There are loans. Many startups are financed by loans. You can always take them up to finance yourself. And besides, there are always many other sources of business financing. You only need a plan and you are set to go.

I see why Am having second thoughts about job-seeking. The idea of juggling with money seems quite exciting. I hope many jobseekers get to read this and know this secret. Its much easier to look for a job while you have another. Hopefully by the time you find one you won’t be needing it. Business grows, and competition encourages new ideas and quality!!


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