I have been wondering the reason I have never received a reply from the many application letters I have sent. If asked to give a testimony, I will give a three hour one on how I dropped CVs and application letters on various institutions and waited by the phone only to get no reply.

Nevertheless, a hustler’s work is never done. For he works hard day and night, if not, someone is gonna go to bed hungry. And so is a jobseeker’s work. Its never done until she gets a decent job. With enough pay to atleast have the basic needs catered for.

Today, I had to learn something new from a good friend who was already informed of the digital age(amedigitika).Any typical Kenyan can tell you that this is the kind of person who has migrated from analogue, to digital yaani amehama, ametoka analogue, kwenda digital.

When I narrated to her about my large efforts of finding a job have born no fruits, this is what she said,

“Ati nini? Yaani wewe bado hujahama? Yaani bado unatumia karatasi kuapply job? Nowonder hupati kazi.”

“ Noo, but atleast I do apply, “ I countered not wanting to play the lesser one.

“Hapana my dea, unajua siku hizi, watu huapply job online.” She said.

“ Aaai, ati online? How?”

“ Aiya, kwani unaishi dunia gani wewe? Hii age yetu kila kitu ni digital”

“ Hehe, mi sijui, nifunze kua digital basi.” At last I gave in.

And that’s when I became digitalized (nilidigitishwa). When I was taught on how to apply a job online. And I could not wait for my teacher to finish her lesson so that I could apply for a job online hopping that luck would fall on me (bahati itaniangukia) and grant me a job.

I also learnt of the many job seeking sites, the likes of;,,,, and many other websites. And also learn that application is free, no mpesa deposit or kupanda mbEgu for special prayers is needed for me to apply.


However, you don’t want to know what challenges I faced trying to apply for a job while online. First, I had no scanned cv. Secondly, my computer skills are impaired. Am digitally impaired but decided to throw caution to the wind and give online job application a try and optimistically applied a few. And hopped I would be signaled at any time.

By kuhama from analogue to digital I realized what chances were at stake. And how information can move mountains.

At the end of the day, I kept a smile on my face, thanked my friend and inwardly swore to give her a treat. If only my pocket would allow, I would even build her a mansionette. But since I could not, I took my diary for an update and you know what I realized? An increase in my waiting checklist.

I used to wait on my phone for a text or call, but now guess what has been added? An email to check every now and then. So I chose to pray for safaricom so that they may come up with a newer, cheaper data plan.


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