Reading is not only a virtue that everyone should consider but also a basic life necessity


Truth be told, many people just hate reading, with a passion that is. Am a former student and I can bare you witness to that. Its not a hobby that every student shares. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is, why do we read? Do we read so that we can excel in school or do we read to get knowledge, and equip ourselves with necessary life skills?

As the jobseeker, who just came to the realization of the importance of information in someone’s life. So while I am on my long job seeking journey, I realize that its necessary that I keep the reading spirit burning. There is never an end to education. For life subjects us to a continuous assessment test on a daily basis. Who knows whether will excel or fail since there is never a specific way of tackling it, say by doing a copy paste or whatever sick tricks we are so used to. Doesn’t have a shortcut.

Reading not only gives us this intimate experience with life, but also makes us smarter.

Someone smart was telling me that I don’t have to ‘just work hard’. I will get tired hence reducing my chances of completing my tasks and in the end of the day sleep an unsatisfied fellow. He also talked about working smart. He said that if I worked smart, I will get a way through and will be most likely to succeed. But if I combined the two, work smart and hard, am most likely to soar and go places.

Keeping the advice in mind, i came to the discovery that reading not only makes us smarter. We become knowledgeable by reading more. Not only books that are necessary but this means going an extra mile and reading anything readable that we come across.

So besides being smart and informed reading keeps you in check with something to talk about, you know to avoid those awkward conversations where you have nothing to talk about or where you stay afloat and out of conversations. It prevents you from looking like a society outcast. If you want to be someone great in society, then let books be your friend.

A well-read person will always have a strong ground on which he can base his case. So reading can also give you mental stimulation and prevent your brain from losing its mental power. Reading is the perfect brain exercise that keeps it strong and healthy. We go to the gym for our body and muscle,. The mind also deserves a taste of exercise.

Reading is actually said to be a very good stress reducer. Everything is stressing and every day is always stressful in its own way. We have stressing relationships, work and even job seeking is more stressing, stressing businesses when they fail to perform just like we expect, and others. Thus reading keeps you distracted helping you relax by slowly captivating your mind onto what is being read. Is a cool stress reliever.

When you read a lot, you are able to stay attentive and focused and it helps improve your concentration in something that you are doing. I can prove me right here because whenever I want to become fully involved in my work I read a few chapter of something interesting so that It can give me the concentration I need before starting on my work.

Always read, read for pleasure and realize how it can be entertaining to read. In fact you don’t have to watch a comedy show to be entertained when you can take a book and read. Its always fun. Also, you become a better writer when you keep on reading every time and then. You acquire better grammatical and punctuation skills and also gain the capability of creating good content. No one wants to read something badly written.

Proved it? Well reading is something that you can escape cause its a necessity. To be a better person, you better read and read. Anything. Just read.


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