No job? Here are some businesses you can start for more money with very limited cash.

Kenya is not among the best countries where fresh graduates sell out. You have to take some time looking for employment till you finally land one. I call this time a transition stage because it’s when one realizes that s/he is no longer a mama’s kid but a grown up ready to start out your life. Soo much around you changes but you know what? You better be equipped to counter the changes.

It’s the time when someone is mostly broke, now when the allowances that you used to get are abruptly cut short. So you better be smart if you want to maintain your lifestyle or better still, improve. And for this matter, I thought of researching on investments you can make with limited cash here in Kenya and here are some of what I found out.

Here are some businesses you can start with Kshs. 5000 or even less.

  • Grocery business

In Kenya, a grocery business can take very little money to start. You only need a small selling space in a good location where a lot of people can locate your business. Actually, for a starter, Kshs. 5000 is enough given what you want is a short term money creating activity. You also need to find a source from where you can get your stock but you know what? That will never be a hard task if you really want to find one.

To start this, start with few, which go fast. Take tomatoes, kales (sukuma wiki), bananas, fruits, arrowroots, cereals likes of beans and green grams, and other kinds of food that Kenyans use often.

  • Start a second hand shoe selling business.

If there is anything that sells fast, its ladies’ second hand shoes and shoes generally sell out given you choose the right target market. Also, you can merge this with shoe polishing business. It may seem a dirty job for a graduate but what you want is the money and so look for it in some legal ways.

  • Farming business.

I just realized that you don’t need a million shillings to start a farming business. Either way, you don’t need a ranch or 100 acres of land to stat one. But you need a smart mind to use Kshs 5000 to start a poultry farming business.

  • Baking business

You do not need a bakery for this. You only need to buy the ingredients and know your way around baking. Starting with the basics likes of chapatti and mandazis then cake, cookies and bread. You can always rent an oven. Then identify your market. You can always sell your cakes near a school you know students and pupils live cake and chapatti. Or even in offices during tea breaks.

Also, you can choose to supply your product to shops and kiosks, I think this can do best if you want to sell fast.

  • Mobile food kiosk

Recently, I saw this idea of mobile food kiosk work out pretty fine for someone I know. He started out by renting two bicycles with which he started selling fast foods around my neighborhood. With time, he was able to buy five of his own and am sure his business is doing pretty fine.

He sells stuff like sausages, chapatti, eggs, cake, groundnuts and juice all around my area, which actually has many industries around it. I think that gives my fellow a good advantage but you can also picture out your target market and deliver to them.

  • Homemade Juice selling business

In this, the two things that you need is a blender and electricity. Fresh fruits are always easy to find. And for that case, you can look for a few, like pineapples, mangoes, avocado and passion fruits and disposable cups to sell in.

  • Salon, cosmetics and accessory business

Do you have the salon and make up skills? Well I think you can make it here. You don’t even have to open a salon because it takes much more than your limited pocket to open one. So start you can were you are. With the skill in handy, start the small business operating from your house. Let your clients be your close friends and their friends. So long as you do some good work, you will always get yourself more and more clients.

Also, you can sell accessories like earrings, watches, bangles necklaces and other small things that can earn you good money since profit is all you want, also, take some cheap cosmetics that you can sell at a profit.

  • Online selling business.

If you love computers and are good with them, then this is for you. You can always open an online store where you can buy stuff and sell them at some profit.

Also if you are good in writing, you can write articles and sell online, there are numerous sites that you can sell to. There are many things that you can sell online. So you will have to select and here the only things you need is a laptop and internet access.

  • Start a mitumba business

You definitely don’t need a stall for this. But you need to have a taste of you target market. Nearly every Kenyan use mitumba clothes so you need to be smart and fast. You can sell shoes or clothing. Whatever suits you best.

  • Coaching/ tutoring business

If you are good in teaching, then this is for you. You are still fresh from schools so you can be able to teach a student for some cash. What you need is money hence you are willing to take whatever it takes to get it. So initiate this tuition program, with a parent who wants his/ her child to do better in school and offer to give tuition on weekends and holidays at some fees.

  • Soap and detergent making

You only need little cash to make detergents and sell. For instance, there are these guys who sell detergent making chemicals who can sell them to you at a very cheap price and all you have to look for is water and cans to package and sell in. you are given instructions on how to mix so you don’t need any extra help[ in that. And actually a budget of ksh 5000 is a lot of money for such a business.

  • Start a homemade ice-cream and yoghurt selling business

Also this doesn’t need a lot of cash to start. Only need a recipe and ingredients plus a little help distributing.


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