Its not until recently that I came to realize that until we are pushed, we are never going to do anything of much value. This is after I attended a certain entrepreneurship forum where the guest speaker, an established marketer, talked about what drove him into entrepreneurship.

He said that he was pushed. Not by some strong physical force but by the hunger and the thirst. Well, not exactly the hunger and thirst for food and water, but by the hunger for more and thirst to get personal satisfaction.

Someone from the audience asked for some clarification and he said that, he always felt like he was being pushed. Pushed to go out there collect some second-hand clothes to come resell at a profit because he;

  1. Was in dire need of money.
  2. He was jobless and didn’t see any job available.
  3. He was idle, and needed something to keep him busy.

Speaking to an audience comprising of upcoming entrepreneurs/business people, established business people (small and big) and struggling business people, the guy said that if it were not for the push he felt, he wouldn’t be where he is now. And when asked what makes him want to do more, he said that it’s the responsibilities that he has at hand that push him to. The many people that he doesn’t want to let down. His employees who want their salary, his family who look up to him as the provider, the many projects that he started won’t be left halfway done. Who starts anything anyway and never gets to finish?

This came as a wakeup call to well, the jobseeker who stopped looking for a job after the teachers went on strike. Hold on, did the jobseeker join arms in solidarity forever? Maybe. Or maybe, she left updating her diary and took leave to apply for the relief teachers’ advertised posts where she was not shortlisted.

Whatever reason she had, she knows herself but since she has been pushed by being cashless, she is hungry, thirsty too and needs to quench her thirst for a job. The question is, will she get one this time given her need is much more intense? All I can do is wish her luck.

What about her getting into small business? Did she get enough capital or no, did she succeed in what she had stated? Last time I checked, she had tons of ideas of small business that do not require a lot of cash. I would like to know how that went too. Did she give up at the doorstep of starting?

Also, I looked into her diary and realized the other things that seem to push her harder. They include:

  1. The need to be independent. She is too tired of being ordered around.
  2. Need for financial security
  3. The need to join in in building the nation more directly. She just realized she indirectly pays a lot of tax to the ever reaping government.
  4. The economy too is getting tougher and tougher on a daily basis. She need to get along with it or it kills her already thorn wallet!!! So this time, ride or die dear jobseeker.

6 thoughts on “UNTIL WE ARE PUSHED…….,

  1. good post and insipiration……..but the scope?. is she the one only who is a job seeker?. may be next time she meets ‘john’ who also seeks a job….just a suggestion.


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