I was reviewing my resume when this thought crossed my mind. What actually makes someone sell out in the job market? Is it his/ her well written curriculum vitae and resume or is it the skills that s/he possesses that makes her/him the perfect candidate for recruitment?

This got me thinking about a conversation I had overhead when I was eavesdropping some people’s conversation in the matatu on my way to town. One was confidently saying,

“unajua Kenya hii, kupata kazi mzuri sii kujua kuandika cv mzuri,ni kua na bahati msee,” said the first guy.

“Aaaai, zii mtu wangu. Ni kua na Godfather msee. Bure, hustle ni hard manze,ujue vile nimetamack na job siget manze na nilikua the luckiest kwetu man!” replied the other. But the friend couldn’t give up so easily without a fight.

“Ni bahati msee, unajua mimi ata sikutry kusaka job cause nimekua blacksheep kwetu nowonder nilianza kabizna kiasi atleast niko na chakula ya kudema na sifukuzani na landlord kila mwezi kama wewe.”

“ Buda acha kuniabisha jo, naona kuna warembo mapotential huku msee wanaeza sikia nilifukuzwa kwangu cause ya rent msee. Umeshinda.” The other guy said not wanting much of an argument.

“ sawa bro. lakini nakutakia mazuri jamaa tuende udrop hio cv tueke hopes utaitiwa job.” His friend said seeming unapologetic.

“ lakini hawa watu wangekua wanaangalia venye mtu ameiva kwa kazi ya mkono si kuangalia cv na kuita ka-interview.” He concluded.

That was the first and last time I saw those two guys but I hope all went well and someone got a job cause I got off the matatu immediately as the guy seemed to conclude their conversation. But however, the eavesdropping gave me something new to research on. Do skills sell out or is it what is written down on our resumes that does?

Either way, what are skills? By skills do I mean what I have written down on my cv or what am able to handle practically? They can mean both but In this case I mean what someone can handle practically.

I know, someone’s performance on paper in some way tells you something about the person but there is never a hundred percent guarantee that he can deliver prior to what he has written down. Because we know it is allowed to lie in adverts if more sales is what you want.

In an article, billionaire Sir Richard Branson said that he’d better hire someone with the skills rather than with good certificates (this doesn’t mean that we should not do well in class), basically since he himself doesn’t have some. He said that in empire, he better do promotions from within the staff that has been working there based on how well they work. He gave an example of someone starting off as a janitor only to end up as a producer. That’s only his opinion but however, I have realized some companies do that. And if I were an employer, I’d do that too.

What about my position as a jobseeker? I know now that I should be well prepared with both paper and skills though skills would give me more winning points. Papers are just but sauce to the soup though skills are the main thing. They sell out.



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